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Grow your fruits and vegetables inside these unique molds; harvest, easily remove from mold, slice.  Enjoy heart and star shaped slices of your favorite fruits and vegetables on your salads, in pasta, on pizza, in drinks, or just on their own!

Heart and Star shaped fruit and vegetable molds are simple to use and are a fun addition to your gardening experience. These molds can be used over and over again thoughout the garden season and for many years to come.  Just think how you will impress your friends and family with beautiful salads and pasta topped with heart and star shaped fruits and vegetables. Finally your children and grandchildren will love eating their fruits and vegetables. All of our molds are BPA Free, UV protected, food safe, one piece and reusable.  They make great gifts anytime and they are perfect for the gardener that thought they had everything.   We reccommend the "Home Gardening Set of Five" as a great gift package for the gardener in your life.

We have added Easy Mold Closing Rings to our inventory.  Use these rings to close any size mold in a snap! Great for the busy gardener or farmer, or those with tender or arthritic hands.  Our handy two pack has a closing ring for a heart mold and star mold.

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. Create an account with us if you like or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.   Thank you and have a great gardening season.

***Farmers, large scale gardeners, or commercial producers may contact us for tiered pricing on single molds with quanities of fifty or more.



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